How Do You Get Placements for Your Brand?

how do you get placements for your brand

Brands are always looking for ways to get their product, service, or story out to their target audiences. As we know, public relations is an effective way to reach consumers. A well-written article or TV or radio segment interview can help your brand achieve increased credibility, position you as the expert in your industry, and gain much-needed visibility and awareness. So, how do you get placements for your brand?

Media List

Start by crafting a solid media list. Think about your brand and what outlets would be most helpful to target for a potential story. What outlet will give you the exposure you need? Then, find the right contact at that outlet. Look at what the reporter is covering and make sure you’ve read his/her latest work. Do this for all the media outlets you feel are important for your brand.


Once you’ve crafted a well-thought-out pitch that includes an eye-catching subject line, interesting lead, and pertinent information, including what you’re offering (interview, bylined article, visuals, etc.), it’s time to send out the pitch to your media list. But, once your pitch has been distributed, your work is far from over…

Follow Up

At HJMT Public Relations Inc., we follow up with our targeted media contacts up to five times. There is a fine line between checking in and becoming a pest. Walk this line carefully and always be appreciative when a reporter/editor/producer responds back to you. Check out how to form lasting media relationships here.

Media Training

Once you’ve secured an interview for your brand, it’s imperative that you ensure they are well-prepared for their interview. Arm them with talking points. Hold a mock interview. If it’s for television, record a practice interview to watch body language and ensure your brand representative puts his/her best foot forward.

Follow these best practices and you’ll be well on your way to get placements for your brand. In need of expert help? Reach out to us!