Instagram Swapping Swipe-up Story Links for Link Stickers

Instagram link stickers

Instagram is saying so long to the swipe-up link to its Instagram Stories feature starting on August 30th. This popular feature allowed users with a 10k+ following to add a link to their story so their audience could “swipe-up” to view the link and get the additional information desired be it an article, product information, service sign-up, etc. Instead of the swipe-up, Instagram users who previously had this feature will now be able to use the new “Link Sticker”.

The Instagram link sticker has been in testing since June for a select few Instagram users, but Instagram will roll out the feature more broadly in August.

Who Will Get the Instagram Link Sticker?

According to Instagram, users who previously had the swipe-up feature or verified Instagram account holders will automatically gain access to link stickers. So don’t worry, if you have a swipe-up – you’ll still be able to direct your Instagram followers to additional information – just in this new way. While there isn’t a change in who will get access to link stickers, for now, Instagram says it’s evaluating whether to expand this function to more users in the future.

What Are the Benefits?

The Instagram link sticker will give the content creator more control over the look of their stories. It allows the user to adjust sticker size, placement, and styles. You can place the sticker anywhere in your Instagram stories for maximum visibility. In addition, viewers of your stories will now be able to react and reply to posts that have the sticker attached. Previously using the swipe-up, that feature was not possible.

What do you think of all of the changes happening with Instagram? From hiding likes to the social networking site saying they’re focusing more on videos, there seems to be a lot of changes happening to Instagram. Tell us your opinion and drop a comment below!

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