How can you stand out? How do you take your passion and turn it into profit? In Branding in a Digital World, author Hilary JM Topper discusses how branding your business is paramount to its success. In this hands-on workbook, she will help you build a brand, market it effectively across digital media, and ultimately, get a strong return on investment.

Topper, an expert in branding and digital communications, walks you step-by-step through the process and helps you get the results you desire.
She teaches you how to:
• build an integrated marketing plan.
• use social media marketing.
• recruit ambassadors for your brand.
• integrate IoT and wearable tech.
• create compelling blog and social content.
• increase your SEO.
• use public relations, direct mail, and email marketing to tie together the entire process.

With special sections on fake news, nonprofit management, and more, Branding in a Digital World offers a complete guide to help you learn to better market your product or service so you can gain a competitive edge.

If you own a business, want a new job or want to stand out from the crowd, this book is for you.