A Virtual Book Tour – Branding in a Digital World

When Hilary published her book, Branding in a Digital World, back in January of this year we had great hopes of doing a targeted book tour across the United States. We had booked author talks, seminars, and book signings from New York to Florida to Colorado. But then COVID-19 hit and we had to pivot. 

Now, Hilary is still promoting her book nationwide, but doing so with a Branding in a Digital World virtual book tour. In the past month, Hilary has presented to:

branding in a digital world book tour

  • West Islip Library
  • Social Media Association
  • Marketers Content Playbook
  • Port Jefferson Library
  • Moxxie Network and more!

This is just the start as Hilary has virtual events booked through the end of this year from Long Island to Louisville. Are you looking for a branding expert to speak to your organization, nonprofit, or group? Hilary would love to share her knowledge with you. Some of the topics she can present are:

  • How to Reinvent Yourself and Get the Job You Want
  • Rebranding Your Business During Coronavirus
  • Fake News: Fact Versus Fiction
  • What is a personal brand and why is it important, especially now due to COVID-19?
  • Identifying Your Buyer Persona
  • How to build an integrated marketing plan for your business in this digital age
  • Brand Ambassadors and Influencers – Taking Your Brand to the Next Level
  • How non-profit organizations can market their products or services on a limited budget

From intimate networking groups to large corporations, Hilary can customize a program based on your needs and interests. Want to learn more? Please contact us at [email protected].