Hilary JM Topper’s Triathlon Book Deal

Hilary JM Topper's triathlon book deal

We are thrilled to announce that Hilary JM Topper’s blog, A Triathlete’s Diary, is being turned into a book and set to release in the spring of 2022 by Meyer and Meyer Sport Publishing!

“I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to write this book about my personal running and triathlon journey,” said Topper, President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations, Inc. “If I can inspire just one person to get off the couch, put their health first, and challenge themselves to try something new – even if it scares them, then my journey is all worth it.”

About Hilary JM Topper’s Triathlon Book Deal

Hilary practically failed gym in school. She hated exercise. Growing up, she was always thin, but after college and two pregnancies she struggled with gaining and losing weight. In her late 40’s, she decided to start running. Then, she began her triathlon training, learning how to swim, bike, and perfect her running. She ran her first marathon in her 50’s. Now an avid triathlete, Hilary is training for her first half IRONMAN. This book chronicles her journey starting in 2010 through the present-day and culminating at the half IRONMAN in North Carolina.

Her Other Books

“This book is so different than my other two books, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media and Branding in a Digital World,” adds Topper. “It’s a very personal story, and I can’t wait to do a book tour next year to talk about it – I’ll be coming to a city near you!”

HJMT Media Company

Looking for Hilary’s other blog? Visit a NY Lifestyle Blog where she posts about life in New York, being a small business owner, and her adventures along the way. In addition, check out her radio show, Hilary Topper on Air, where she interviews people who have done amazing things in business and triathlons.