Hilary Topper Pens Article for O’Dwyer’s


Hilary JM Topper recently penned an article for O’Dwyer’s Magazine. In it, she writes about how running a PR firm in many ways relates to being an endurance athlete.

About the Article

She compares and contrasts starting a PR firm to learning how to swim, bike, and run. She discusses how finding the right staff can be similar to finding the perfect triathlon coach. She talks about how to tackle things outside of your control like recessions and in comparison, bad weather or canceled races. She even goes into how losing a client can feel like the same kind of a letdown as when you get injured. And on the flip side of things, how winning a big client can feel like crossing the finish line of a hard race.

Article Excerpt

“When social media became prevalent in the early 2000s, I became intrigued. I had to learn everything I could. I read books and articles and researched. This led me to write my first book, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Social Media.”

Since then, I constantly find myself reading everything about social media so I’m always up-to-date on the subject, especially since I also teach it at Hofstra University. I recently published my second book, “Branding in a Digital World,” which uses that research.

Triathlons are the same. I find myself entrenched in everything triathlon. I read, research and even write about everything from running apparel and bike gear to wetsuits and swim techniques. I started a blog, ATriathletesDiary.com, on the subject when I first started running in 2011. There’s always something new and exciting when it comes to triathlon training, and I’m always one of the first to try out new things.

When my SEO guy told me I needed to clean up my blog, I started removing stories I’d written about my experience. This led me to my third book, “From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete–A Portrait of a Non-Athletic Triathlete.” The book takes you through ten years of business, personal experience, and triathlon training and puts it all into a comprehensive overview with the theme that you can make anything happen if you really want it.”

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