Instagram Live for Your Business

instagram live for your business

Should my business go live on Instagram? Did you know that 80% of users following brands would rather watch live videos than read a blog, and 82% prefer live videos to a brand’s static social posts?

The Benefits of Going Live

Instagram Live can help boost your business and bringing really positive results in a highly engaging and personal way. Lives can help increase your visibility as Instagram sends push notifications to all of your followers. Here are more ways Instagram Live can help your brand gain more visibility and exposure.


By allowing an instant relation between you and your followers and displaying lots of tools like questions, quick reaction buttons, and more, you can increase your engagement by answering questions and reacting with your audience.

Time to Connect

Lives are a perfect opportunity to build relationships with your audience, get to know them better, and interact with the public.


This feature can help you develop your brand identity. The person doing the live must personify the business’ “personality”. What are your brand’s colors? How do you usually approach your public? Keeping this in mind will help you reinforce or create your brand identity.

Ideas for Your Live Session

Many brands and influencers often go live and do a Q&A, show the behind scenes action, present new products, or talk about topics related to their brand. Besides the content, there are some extra tips that will make your Live even better:

  1. Define a topic and a purpose.
  2. Promote your Live beforehand.
  3. Test your video and sound quality.
  4. Go Live when your public is most active.
  5. And have fun!

Has your brand used Instagram Live yet? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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