How to Work With Influencers

How to Work with Influencers

Is your brand working with influencers to help promote your product or service for a year-end sales push? If so, be sure to check out our top 5 tips on how to work successfully with influencers this holiday season.

Make Timely Payments

This is the busiest time of year for many influencers and it’s important to pay them on time so they can get their holiday shopping done too. Free products or services are a great start to introducing your brand to an influencer, but they also need to be paid for creating the unique content your brand wants. It takes time and planning to accomplish this, so pay your influencer well and on time.

Is it in stock?

If you’re paying an influencer to promote your product, make sure you have plenty of the product in stock. You’re about to (hopefully) get in a bunch of requests and how horrible would it be for you to be unable to fulfill them or not be able to fulfill them in time for the holiday season!

Be Specific About What You Need

While influencers love to be creative on their own, make sure you also tell them what you want. Be clear and focused, but also allow them to express themselves. In addition, think if you want to see the promotions before they actually post things for their communities to see. Do you want final approval?

Also, make sure your influencer has all the facts that you want to be mentioned. Is your product sustainably made, a minority or women-owned business, or perhaps there’s a coupon code or discount that only runs for a specific timeframe. And don’t forget the timing of the campaign – do you need this wrapped two weeks before the end of the year, after New Year’s Day, or before?

All of these details need to be provided to your influencer in order for them to tell their audience with the most important information about your product or service.

Return on Investment

Before you launch a campaign with an influencer, be sure they are aware how you’ll be tracking the success of the campaign. Will it be based on clicks, actual sales, use of a discount code, or are you simply looking for more visibility? Letting an influencer know how you’ll be monitoring the success of a campaign will help them succeed.

Be Kind

Influencers are people too and while you’ve hired them to help your brand, developing a lasting relationship with them is smart. Get to know their brand and how your product or service fits in. Thank them often for their help and be responsive to their questions.

Looking to hire an influencer for the holiday season? We can help you successfully work with influencers. Reach out to us to learn about available opportunities to collaborate with endurance athlete and lifestyle influencer, Hilary JM Topper. Or, need help running an influencer marketing campaign for your brand? Contact Lisa Gordon at [email protected].