HJMT is an award-winning Long Island NYC Public Relations & Social Media agency. We use our influence to grab the attention of our clients’ target markets. Once you hire HJMT, you can expect a full marketing team at your side ready and eager to pitch the media and prepare outstanding social media posts and management. In addition to that, HJMT has a huge online community of 500,000 people. We will include you in our media company, which means that you will appear on HilaryTopper.com, a blog that gets 88,000 unique visitors a month and Hilary Topper On Air, an internet radio show that gets more than 100,000 listeners. You will also get a set of highly skilled knowledgeable professionals who know how to get results and make you look great in the process.


Facebook Instant Articles: Truly Social Media?
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Instant Articles, a recently unveiled platform by Facebook, is hoping to provide multimedia articles directly onto its site for easy viewing/reading and sharing. This isn’t the first platform where brands or personalities can... Read More

Promoted Pins for Businesses
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For years, Pinterest has served as a referral source for web traffic. Pinterest realized this and worked on a Promoted Pin program for businesses and brands. This program, now available to all brands... Read More

IHOP’s New Logo Turns Frowns Upside Down
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The International House of Pancakes revealed a new logo that gives their brand a fun and upbeat new lease on life. Bountiful breakfast platters and stacks of buttery pancakes might bring a smile... Read More