HJMT is an award-winning Long Island NYC Public Relations & Social Media agency. We use our influence to grab the attention of our clients’ target markets. Once you hire HJMT, you can expect a full marketing team at your side ready and eager to pitch the media and prepare outstanding social media posts and management. In addition to that, HJMT has a huge online community of 500,000 people. We will include you in our media company, which means that you will appear on HilaryTopper.com, a blog that gets 88,000 unique visitors a month and Hilary Topper On Air, an internet radio show that gets more than 100,000 listeners. You will also get a set of highly skilled knowledgeable professionals who know how to get results and make you look great in the process.


Emojis in Marketing
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Emojis- you either love or hate them. If you love them, you’ve probably used an emoji in an email or text message. Businesses and social media networks are picking up on this and... Read More

New AP Style Changes for 2015
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The 2015 edition of the AP Stylebook has around 300 new or revised terms according to a recent article on PR Daily. As a PR professional, you should be well aware of these... Read More