When is the best time to post on social media?

best time to post on social media

You’re all set up with your social networking sites and you’ve started posting original and creative content. But now you’re asking yourself, “When is the best time to post on social media?”

Newsday Interview

Hilary JM Topper, President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., was recently interviewed by Newsday for an article titled, “What is the best time and day to post your content on social media?” written by long-time small business journalist, Jamie Herzlich.

In the article, Hilary talks about the social media management tool, Hootsuite, and her experience as an influencer pushing out her content. She also recommends hosting contests and giveaways to further engage your online social communities. Most importantly, she says tailoring your timing to your target audience is what works best.

An Excerpt

You have to determine what drives your audience on each platform.

Since Instagram is visual, she says she’ll post interesting visuals to promote engagement. She recently posted a shoe of the day from her shoe collection on Instagram for a week and got over 2,000 views and likes within 24 hours after posting.

“You really have to tailor it to your business and audience,” Topper says.

For more information on social media marketing best practices, reach out to us. Or, purchase Hilary’s latest book, Branding in a Digital World.