What is the Metaverse?


According to an article on TechTarget.com, “The metaverse is considered a next evolution of the internet. It will take many forms, including gaming, online communities and business meetings where people collaborate via a digital facsimile or avatar of themselves.” But what does that mean and who is jumping on board?

What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse concept was first introduced back in 1992 and most popularily in 2003 with SecondLife. And then since October 2021, the metaverse has become a household term when Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta.

What does this mean for PR professionals? PR pros should always be looking ahead and seeing where their brands may be a fit, even in a virtual, not fully realized yet world. According to an article in PRNews,

“Metaverse opportunities for companies and PR pros may include:

  • Virtual press conferences
  • Immersive VR events
  • Introducing virtual products or creating branded digital assets
  • Networking with journalists”

Brands Already Jumping In

Facebook, Epic Games, and Microsoft are three brands already saying they are invested in the metaverse.

Facebook – “In the Meta announcement, Zuckerberg said Facebook aims to accelerate the development of the fundamental technologies, including social platforms and creative tools, required to ‘bring the metaverse to life.'”

Epic Games – “Epic Games…wants to provide a communal space for users to interact with each other and brands — without a news feed riddled with ads.”

Microsoft – “Microsoft said it will release Mesh for Microsoft Teams in 2022. The new service lets Teams users in different physical locations join collaborative and shared holographic experiences during virtual meetings.”

NFTs are also set to play a big role in the metaverse. But where this goes next and if/when it will take off is still unknown.

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