TikTok Versus Reels – What’s the Difference?

tik tok vs. reels

What’s the difference between TikTok versus Reels? Both are similar, but they attract different audiences and do have some differences worth mentioning.

TikTok Versus Reels

  • Demographics – The major difference between TikTok and Instagram Reels is the demographics. More Gen Z’ers are on TikTok, whereas more Millennials, Gen Y’ers, and Baby Boomers are on Reels.
  • Length of the video – TikTok has both a 15 or 60-second video. On Reels, you can only post 15 or 30 seconds.
  • Video editing tools – On both TikTok and Reels, the editing is very similar.
  • On TikTok, you have music, speed, effects, filters, and stickers. The filters are a little more robust on TikTok to make them fun. They also have augmented reality filters.
  • On Reels, you have music (unless you have a business account), you can speed up the video or slow it down, put on effects, and use stickers. It’s much more low-key for the audience.

So, where should brands post?

Brands have done some clever videos on TikTok. Some of the brands that stand out to me, were included in Branding in a Digital World such as the NBA, Washington Post, and Chipoltle.

NBA got fans excited about the players. You got to see an inside look at who the players are on and off the field. The Washington Post used TikTok for recruitment purposes and was clever in doing so. And, Chipoltle constantly outdoes itself on TikTok by posting clever videos of guacamole making the taco.

On Reels, brands have done some interesting things as well. Take a look at Louis Vuitton or Sephora. They have really made their mark when it comes to content production on Reels. But, what’s interesting about Reels, is that you will see more influencers there promoting a product or service. (Isn’t it better for someone else to promote you rather than you promote yourself?)

What should a brand do? 

Our advice? Use the app where your audience lives. If you attract a younger audience that spends more time on TikTok, then be on TikTok.

If your community spends more time on Instagram, then check out Reels (or any of the Instagram products available including Live, IGTV, posts, and stories!).