The Future of Social Media is Uncertain

future of social media

A recent article appearing on Yahoo! Finance discussed the changing landscape and uncertain future of social media. The social media giants of yesterday i.e. Facebook and Twitter have and continue to undergo changes at rapid speeds, most notably the private purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk. So, what can you do now to prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow?

Relook at Your Buyer Persona

Now is the time to take a deep dive into who your brand’s buyer persona best embodies. Think about where your target audience lives online. If you’re looking for a younger demographic is your company on TikTok? Targeting Baby Boomers? Make sure you’re on Facebook. By redefining your buyer personas you can make sure that your brand is present where it needs to be.

But, also don’t put all your “eggs in one basket” because new social media sites pop up frequently. According to the article, “Social network trends resemble those in fashion. They take off, their popularity soars, and then a new generation of consumers decides those platforms aren’t cool anymore. And that’s exactly what’s happening at Facebook, Meta’s photo-sharing site Instagram, and Twitter.”

Get Contact Information

Social media sites are great for brands looking to create awareness and visibility for products or services, but what if your social media profile gets compromised? It’s important to have a backup plan for your brand. Are you getting contact information from your online communities? Offer your target audience a chance to connect with you via email, a blog subscription, or even direct mail.

Need Help Navigating the Uncertain Future of Social Media?

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