Podcasts Over YouTube?

podcast over youtube

After launching in 2005, YouTube quickly became one of the fastest-growing sites on the web. YouTube has since been the dominating app when it comes to creators promoting themselves and/or their businesses through videos. However, in recent years society has been seeing a shift due to the up-and-coming art of podcasting. According to DemandSage, there are currently 464.7 million podcast listeners globally, and it is predicted that there will be around 504.9 million podcast listeners worldwide by the end of 2024. Though it is still new to many, podcasting has become one of the fastest-growing kinds of digital material on the internet and is still working its way up, which begs the question: podcasts over YouTube?

What is a podcast? 

In simple terms, a podcast is a series of audio recordings or “episodes” by one person, or multiple people, that is uploaded to streaming services, such as Spotify, for consumers to listen to. 

Why are audio podcasts better than YouTube videos? 

One of the more obvious reasons why podcasts might be better than YouTube is that they are easier to orchestrate. It’s fair to say that creating YouTube videos makes things more “complicated”– for example, YouTube requires lighting, cameras, editing software, and of course looking… “good” to focus on having a high production value. On the other hand, with podcasts, you only need to pay for a decent microphone, some monthly member fees, and recording software. 

The true beauty of audio podcasts is that you can record in your PJs, in the comfort of your own bed, and it wouldn’t matter. Podcasts create a sense of realism for listeners that are often not delivered throughout various other social media outlets, which is another factor that makes it so appealing. Consumers like to follow and listen to creators who they find relatable and helpful (in some way, shape, or form), and that is something that your podcast could help you become! 

What are the disadvantages?

Since podcasting is still developing, it is at a slight disadvantage to YouTube when it comes to monetization. However, this still leaves room for podcasts to evolve and grow, especially since Spotify and Apple Music have recently become large platforms for podcasting networks to expand and reach new consumers. Currently, Apple Podcasts is the leader in podcast streaming; although Spotify has a bigger podcast library, most people around the globe use an ios device and use Apple Podcast to tune into their favorite shows. Podcasts also have a much better and more modern method of reaching your targeted audience. 

Podcasts help you reach your target audience.

Since many consumers are all so busy, with so many distractions you want to make it as easy as possible for people to check out your content, and your best chance of doing that is by creating an audio podcast! Why? Statistically, podcast listening is highest in the morning, and most of them are listened to on a mobile phone. You can listen to them while driving, running or going to the gym, working, walking your dog, or even before going to bed. Many users are so drawn to this type of platform because of its convenience, flexibility, and casualty. Podcasts also tend to be longer, usually 60 minutes – this means that when users tune in, they usually listen to the majority of the podcast episode. As a result, podcasting is ideal for storytelling, interviews, and casual talk programs.

YouTube’s global popularity and its ability to be this worldwide search engine for many curious consumers is what makes most things lead back to it. However, podcasting allows you to disseminate your content over multiple channels, including YouTube. You can publish your podcast on all of the significant podcasting sites, along with YouTube and Instagram. This level of reach and distribution across so many channels is unmatched and will be significantly impactful for your business. 

There is also no one-size-fits-all approach to success for podcasts. The most successful podcast creators are those that just stay true to themselves and create content they love that teaches and helps others! 

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