Our CEO Giving Keynote Address at Marketing Playbook Virtual Conference

Worried about the future? Many agency’s businesses got hit hard with Hollywood closing and brands pausing advertising – in fear of not knowing the right messaging. Therefore a virtual summit, Marketer’s Content Playbook, to help you stay in business, keep your job, and give brand marketers the tools to recover faster from the hits was formed.

branding in a digital world

More than 100+ thought leaders, from the world of brands, agencies, media, influencers, and Hollywood, including our CEO, Hilary Topper, will give talks at a 3-day event  Here, you will be able to build your Content Marketing Playbook by choosing from over 50 hours of presentations and discussions from the top experts in the field on how to create better content, generate advertising, and leverage pop culture partnerships.

Hilary Topper, who is also the author of Branding in a Digital World, will talk about how to brand your agency and set it apart from the rest.

Branding in a Digital World is a do-it-yourself book to help you and your company create an integrated marketing plan for your business. You will learn about social media marketing, how to decipher fake news, how to handle a crisis, and how to incorporate wearable technology and the Internet of Things into your integrated marketing plan. This book will enable you to get to your next level!

“I was excited to be asked to present a keynote address at this three-day Marketing Playbook Virtual Conference,” said Hilary Topper. “It was a true honor to be asked to participate with some of the greatest marketers in the world!”

Hilary Topper is available to speak with your group on how to create a “purple cow,” as Seth Godin would say, and stand out from the competition. To hire her for your group meeting or conference, reach out to either [email protected] or [email protected].