Online Meeting Software – Which is Best?

online meeting software

COVID-19 forced most of us to work from home, and now online meetings are part of our everyday work routines. Online meeting software such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are getting more and more popular, but which one is the best?

All of these conferencing tools offer free versions. Let’s see the pros and cons of each one:


Zoom allows you to host 40-minute meetings with up to 100 participants or unlimited ones for individual video calls. It displays quick reaction buttons, a waiting room, and also allows you to record the meetings.

The cons of this software are that it requires downloading the app and its security leaves a lot to be desired.

Google Meet

Google Meet allows you to have 1-hour meetings with up 100 participants. It also offers live caption, jam board (an interactive tool that all participants can edit), pools, schedules on Google Agenda, and notifications via Gmail. It uses two-factor authentication, which makes it more secure. You can use it via the website or download the app.

The cons are that the participants are warned when the meeting is recorded and it doesn’t offer quick reactions.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to host 24-hour meetings with up to 250 people and private chats with up to 100 participants. It offers a calendar, interactive whiteboard, access to documents on one drive, and Microsoft applications. You can set up teams and create channels for each different subject and even take notes in a document while you are on the call. It also allows you to record and provides helpful bots. You can use it via the website or download the app.

The cons are that its interface might be confusing for its users and it may present connection trouble.

Regardless of the online meeting software you choose – whether it be Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams – meeting software can be of great help to your business. Which one is best for your “online office”?