How to Pitch the Media

how to pitch the media

So you want to be in Martha Stewart Living? Perhaps, you’re vying for an appearance on Good Morning America? Or maybe radio is more your thing? Whatever the goal, it’s important to learn how to pitch the media first. Here are our top three tips!

Research Who You’re Pitching

One of the first steps is to spend some time getting to know the reporters you’re planning to reach out to. Learn how they like to be pitched. Perhaps it is via Twitter, perhaps it’s a phone call, or email might be best. Also, learn when the best time is for you to contact them. Are they busy in the mornings, and are their deadlines every Thursday at 5 pm? Reach out to them when it’s most convenient for their busy schedules.

Craft An Attention-Grabbing Pitch

Make sure your pitch states facts and offers the topic/subject you’re pitching up front. Be cognizant of the current news cycle. Lay out what you’re offering the media whether it be an expert interview, product to review, a story idea, or just an introduction – be sure to include any visuals you can provide too. If you’re emailing a pitch idea, really think about the subject line of your email. If it’s something very local, be sure to include the city and state so the media can quickly see the relevance of your pitch to their coverage areas.

Be Persistent

News media get hundreds of emails and messages a day. It’s not hard for your email or direct message to get lost in the shuffle. As a PR professional, it’s our job to make sure you develop a rapport with your media contacts. Ping them and follow up. You may seem like a pest, but be kind about it. And remember, they’re only human too!

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