How to Follow Up with the Media

follow up with the media

You’ve crafted a compelling pitch, made a list of targeted media contacts, and distributed the pitch via email. And then you wait…You hope that your pitch will get the attention it deserves and the media will be writing you back wanting to set up an interview, review a product or service, or schedule a time for them to find out more. But what if all you hear is crickets? What do you do next? How can you follow up with the media effectively?

Here are our top 3 tips to practice when following up with the media.

Be Respectful

Media people are quite busy. They have strict deadlines to meet. When following up with the media be respectful of their time. Ask them if now is a good time to reach out or if there is a better time to do so. Work around their schedules and be responsive when they do reach out. And be patient. Because reporters are busy, try to remember that and don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t get back to you right away. Try not to be a pest and to apologize for bothering them if your story idea is not the right fit.

Be Prepared

The worst thing that can happen is a media person writes you back and you’re not prepared! Make sure your client is ready to speak with reporters. Have all of your information readily available and approved to disseminate. The last thing you want to do is keep a media person waiting!

Make It Happen

It’s your job as the public relations professional to do whatever you can to make their request happen. Do they need an expert interview right away? Try to fulfill their request. Do they need something that your client can’t do? Try to help them by reaching out to your other contacts. The reporter/producer will be grateful for your help and will remember how great you were to work with the next time they need a source.

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