How to Determine What’s Newsworthy

Determine What's Newsworthy

Brands and businesses often have company news, but it can be hard to decipher what qualifies as a newsworthy moment. Some situations are straightforward – like the launch of a new product – but other times, your brand might have important announcements to share, but not necessarily “newsworthy” news. So, how do you determine what’s newsworthy?

Five Questions

When you determine what’s newsworthy, be sure to ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why is this important?
  2. Who does this impact?
  3. Who needs to hear about it?
  4. What avenues can I get this information out?
  5. What’s going on in the current news cycle?

By knowing the answers to these five questions, you’ll be able to figure out and determine what’s newsworthy for your brand.

An Example

For example, say your brand recently won an award. It’s important because it’s a prestigious award and you beat out your competition. It impacts your brand because it further establishes your credibility and positions you as the best in your industry. Current and future customers/clients need to hear about this in order to get new potential business. As such, you can tout this award on your website, via your social media sites, in an email blast to your contact list and by earning placements in industry trades. But that’s where this type of news stops. Since winning this award doesn’t tie in with the current events of today, it’s best to keep it more internal than pitching the media for a story. Think about how many brands out there win awards every day – it’s a lot!

Need Help?

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