How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

How to Be a Great Podcast Guest

Congratulations! Your brand has landed an interview on a well-known podcast and you couldn’t be more thrilled. But now, the real work begins. Check out these five tips on how to be a great podcast guest.

Be on time and show up

You’ve done all the legwork, pitched a great topic, scheduled the interview and then you show up late, or even worse, don’t show up at all. Don’t think your host won’t notice. If something last-minute comes up that prevents you from doing the interview, be honest. But otherwise, make sure you show up and you’re on time.

Get Some Good Gear

If possible, and you plan on doing a lot more podcast interviews, it may make sense to invest in a microphone. The last thing you want is for the interview to be distracting because the sound quality isn’t good. At the very least, make sure you’re in a room alone, away from other noises and distractions. No one ever wants to hear your dog barking in the background.

Remember Your Talking Points

Most likely your podcast host will ask you about your background and how your brand got its start. While this is important, remember time is of the essence during podcast interviews. Don’t stray too far off-topic and keep the conversation moving so you’re able to get to the real reason you’re on the show. In other words, remember your talking points, and don’t get off track.

Research Your Host

Just like any good networker, do your due diligence and make sure you know your host. If you can tie one of your answers into something relatable to the interviewer, the better your rapport will be.

Offer Takeaways

It’s always a good idea to give listeners an immediate “payoff”. Offer them insight and then leave them wanting more. Direct them to your website to get additional information.

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