How do you get speaking engagements?

How do you get speaking engagements?

Speaking engagements can be a great way to tout your area of expertise and/or promote a new service or product. They better establish your credibility and showcase your insights. So how do you get speaking engagements?

Figure out your topic

The first step in getting a speaking engagement is to decide on your topic. What do you want to speak about? It should be directly related to your areas of expertise. For example, Hilary JM Topper, our president and CEO often gives presentations to groups about social media marketing. She discusses trends, case studies, and platforms. What does your business know the most about? Develop a topic around that subject.

Decide on your audience

Here you need to think about your buyer persona(s). Who is your target audience? Is it consumers, referral sources, or direct clients? What people does your business need to be in front of in order to get new leads and make new connections?

Pitch your topic

Once you’ve decided on your topic and target audience, then you need to start pitching for opportunities. Email your desired conference or group and ask them if they’re looking for speakers. Let them know of your fee and what you can provide attendees. It’s also a good idea to tell them how you’ll promote the speaking engagement to your audience as well.

Practice and ask for referrals

Now that you’ve booked your speaking engagement, it’s time to practice. Videotape yourself giving the presentation to make sure you’re fully prepared. Once the speaking gig is over, ask for referrals. Perhaps the people or organization who booked you would like to schedule another time for you to come back in and talk about a different topic. Perhaps they know someone in need of your services. It’s always important to ask for referrals!

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