HJMT’s 30th Anniversary

HJMT's 30th Anniversary

This year is HJMT’s 30th Anniversary. Thirty years of helping businesses, brands, nonprofits, and more gain the visibility and awareness needed for continued growth and success. We’ve had the opportunity and honor to work with some amazing companies along the way from service providers and new product launches to public libraries, school districts, and higher education institutions.

As we reflect on our 30 years, we are proud of all of our accomplishments as we continue to practice effective public relations, social media marketing, integrated marketing, content development, web design, and SEO campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide.

Hilary JM Topper, our President and CEO, recently reflected on starting her own business and the past 30 years. Here’s an excerpt:

“…I started the firm 30 years ago in 1992 with a baby on my lap in my one-bedroom apartment in Long Beach.

The business has been a real whirlwind.

…We have a smaller, boutique agency and we’re located in Long Beach, but we are not all there. Lisa is located in Boulder, Colorado. Our graphics department is in Vermont and we have freelancers across the country.

We continue to represent small and large businesses across the country and we absolutely love what we do.

In January 2020, I published my second business book, Branding in a Digital World.

In addition to our PR firm, our media company is growing. Altogether, we have more than 500,000 people following us on our blogs and podcasts. That’s not including social media!

As for me, individually, I’m still teaching at Hofstra. This year marks my eighth anniversary as an adjunct. I’m also coaching triathletes and runners and I have a weekly run/walk group where we meet at different locations throughout Long Island. And, most importantly, I will be publishing my first sportsbook in August 2022. The book is called, From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete – A Portrait of a Non-Athletic Triathlete. 

I would say that 30 years later, we are having as much fun, if not more fun, than when we started the business in March 1992.

Here’s to another 30 years of success!”

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