Hilary JM Topper Discusses Instagram Reels in Newsday

Hilary JM Topper Discusses Instagram Reels in Newsday

President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., Hilary JM Topper, discusses Instagram Reels in Newsday. The recent article, written by Jamie Herzlich, discusses how Instagram has moved away from identifying as a static photo site to becoming known as a video platform. Learn why Reels are important in order for your brand to reach its target audience.

Here’s an excerpt from the article where Hilary JM Topper discusses Instagram Reels in Newsday:

“Hilary Topper, president of Long Beach-based HJMT Public Relations and author of Branding In A Digital World, agrees Reels can be great for brand awareness. 

She focuses on posting Reels of her triathlete activities, including videos at races and also products she uses. It’s also led to sponsors for her blog — A Triathlete’s Diary, which has 50,000 followers — and new clients on the public relations side of her business. 

As an added bonus, Instagram offers certain content creators money for doing Reels based on number of views. Topper has been paid for certain Reels she’s posted. 

“I’m not making a fortune from it, but I’ve made a few hundred dollars,” says Topper. 

She says marketers have to shift their mindset to video. 

“I put up a photo maybe 200 of my 12,000 followers see it, but when I put up Reels I get 600 to 2,100 views,” says Topper. 

Her best advice is videos “must be relatable, passionate and real.” They have to be entertaining, but not salesy.

It’s OK to use your cellphone, but make sure the video isn’t grainy and there isn’t unnecessary background noise.”

To read the full article in Newsday, click here.

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