Hilary JM Topper Discusses Influencer Marketing in Newsday

influencer hilary jm topper

Hilary JM Topper, influencer and President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc., recently appeared in Newsday in an article by Jamie Herzlich entitled, “Social media influencers boost local business” to discuss her role as an influencer.

In the article, Hilary talks about the brands she works with as a small business and endurance sports influencer and how she gets paid to “represent” these companies and tout their products or services to her established followers online.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Often many smaller influencers will work for freebies or discounts rather than getting paid. It depends on the reach of the influencer.

Hilary Topper, president of Long Beach-based HJMT Public Relations and a micro-influencer that helps promotes products for brands, gets freebies, but also gets paid for endorsement posts.

She has a blog, “A Triathlete’s Diary,” and with that has grown a following. She has 10,000-plus Instagram followers and has a pending book deal from her blog, Topper says. Brands from sneaker to wet suit companies will look for her to do shout-outs or videos on Instagram. She could get anywhere from $500-$2,000 a post.

But because she’s built a following, to maintain their trust she says she doesn’t just take any endorsement and won’t do a shoutout if she doesn’t like the brand or product.”

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