Does A “Best of” Award Help Your SEO?

Best of award help your SEO?

Awards improve your public image, but does a “best of” award help your SEO?

Receiving a “best of” award or any award for that matter can be really gratifying for your business. It also shows the public validation of your hard work.

However, while “best of” awards are nice to receive, it’s how you market the award to your target audience that really matters.

As such, according to Forbes, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, making search engine optimization (SEO) one of the most important factors in your marketing mix. Including your “best of” award on your website is the first step in maximizing the impact and benefits of winning. 

By displaying awards on your website, you can improve your SEO. Make sure to link to the site that awarded you the recognition, that way Google can identify your niche. Show awards that will add value to your business and impress your target consumers.

Here are five other important SEO practices to make sure you implement:

  1. Use compelling title tag and meta tag descriptions
  2. Include image ALT tags to optimize your pictures
  3. Create content that will align with relevant user searches
  4. Optimize your page speed and mobile experience
  5. Get backlinks

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