Branding In a Digital World Book Launch at The Book Revue in Huntington

Hilary Topper appears in Newsday for branding in a digital world

In January, right before the COVID-19 pandemic started, Hilary Topper kicked off a year-long book launch tour for her book, Branding in a Digital World, that started at The Book Revue in Huntington.

Hilary Topper speaks to groups around the countryWe have so many amazing photos from the evening that we thought we would share with you. (Hey, you never know, you may be in one of them!)

“I’m so grateful for our friends and colleagues who attended the event,” said Topper, author of Branding in a Digital World, which is currently available on this website, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. “It made me feel so good to see so many people at the event.”

There were nearly 100 people who attended from different areas of the author’s life including business associates, clients, former clients, colleagues at Hofstra University (Topper is an adjunct there), former students, her running/triathlon friends, and more!


Lisa Gordon, Exec VP at HJMT

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