Are you looking to reinvent yourself and/or your business?


With everything going on in the world, now is the time to strategize new ways in which to achieve your goals.

Maybe you’re looking for a new job because COVID-19 has left you unemployed. Or, maybe your business needs to pivot to fit the new normal during this pandemic.

Whatever the reason, you know that you need to make a change, but you need help getting started. That’s where we come in.

Here at HJMT we have decades worth of experience helping small and medium-sized businesses and professionals gain positive visibility, create awareness, and most importantly, increasing the demand for their services, products, or expertise.

In the past three months, we have helped many clients come up with new product offerings, innovative ways to engage with customers virtually, and how to maintain a strong digital presence – something of the utmost importance even before Coronavirus. We ourselves came up with new ways to reach our target audiences and we continually brainstorm on how to adjust our efforts for best results and a strong ROI.

When the country was closed, HJMT launched a virtual breakfast networking group for 10 weeks. Members in the group were able to discuss their business and personal needs and experiences. They shared their struggles and their triumphs. By organizing this “support” group, HJMT and members were able to develop relationships and gain new business from each other. It was a win win for everyone. So much so, that after the 10 weeks, we decided to continue with another eight-week session.

In addition, when Branding in a Digital World released in January of this year, we never thought we’d have to do a complete 180 and change how we would promote and talk about the book. We took our planned in-person book tour and started a virtual program. Hilary will be speaking virtually around country about the importance of digital branding for professionals and businesses. Would we have preferred to do these events in person? Absolutely. But, we knew we needed to rethink our approach and we’ve booked gigs across the United States over the next few months.

And while the country slowed to a halt, we were busier than ever. We even revamped our website! Be sure to check it out.

So, the moral of the story? Now more than ever, businesses and individuals across the country are analyzing how to set themselves apart from their competition, stay relevant, and increase market share. We are pleased to say, we can help!

For more information on Branding in a Digital World click here.

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