Are Press Releases Still Needed?

Are Press Releases Still Needed?

Press releases have been around for more than 100 years. They are typically used to announce something important for your business or brand with the purpose of getting news media to notice the information and write about it. But as public relations tactics continue to evolve in today’s digital age, are press releases still needed?

The answer isn’t so cut and dry. Not every story or announcement warrants a press release, but some do. Communicators need to ask themselves, what is the best way to disseminate this news? Is it worthy of a full-fledged press release or would it make more sense to send a pitch letter, an email, or use a social media update?

In other words, is your news newsworthy enough? Oftentimes, you may be too close to the subject for some perspective so it might make sense to ask your colleagues or publicist friends if your company’s announcement warrants a press release.

Should the answer to the question of whether a press release is still needed be yes, here are four tips to follow when writing your press release.

  1. Make sure your subject/headline is attention-grabbing.
  2. Keep it short and sweet and edit it down so only the necessary facts are included. The media don’t want fluff – tell it to them straight and highlight the most important information first.
  3. You’re the expert in your industry, but that doesn’t mean others are as well. Make sure your press release uses language that is easy to understand without a lot of industry jargon.
  4. Formulate a well-targeted media list. It’s important to target your press release to the media who will find the news interesting and want to learn more.

While press releases have been a PR tactic used by PR professionals for decades, it’s important to recognize today’s changing public relations landscape and adjust and evaluate your efforts often.

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