5 Tips for Writing a Good Op-Ed

5 Tips for Writing a Good Op-Ed

If your brand has an interesting opinion or point of view on a subject in today’s news, it might be time to craft a well-written op-ed. Op-eds can reach millions of people and gain credibility and visibility at the same time. Check out our top 5 tips for writing a good op-ed.

Limit Your Wordcount

Op-eds should be succinct and well thought out. You need to make your point quickly and persuasively. Don’t stray from the topic at hand. Make your bold statements and offer your readers a clear pathway into your reasoning and opinion.

Stay On Top of the News

Op-eds should be based on current events or a trending subject matter. If you’re paying attention to what’s happening in a news cycle, this can up your chances of earning the opportunity to pen an op-ed. Remember, whatever your area of expertise, if you can directly relate it to what’s going on in the world, the more powerful and timely your piece will be.

Tell Readers Why They Should Care

One of the most important principles of an op-ed is to try and persuade your reader to care about your opinion. Make sure you ask yourself as you’re writing why someone should care about what you’re saying. If you can’t come up with an answer right away, revise and then revisit. Readers should walk away from your article feeling like they understand why the issue at hand is important and more so, why it’s now important to them too.

Embrace Your Style

When reading an op-ed you should be able to feel what the author is all about. It should be written in your voice and show your personality. And most of all it should clearly exhibit why you care so much and why you’re so passionate about the subject at hand. Add a personal touch, be it a life experience, story, or firsthand account of the topic to really drive home your opinion.

End It Strong

The ending to your op-ed is just as important as your beginning. Reiterate your most poignant points and summarize them for your reader. It also makes sense to tie the ending of your article back to your lead so the whole thing comes full circle.

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