5 Content Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Content Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement

Has your business been seeing less engagement on Instagram? Across the board, brands, influencers, and the like are seeing that their posts are not reaching all of their followers, and engagement is down. With all of the recent Instagram changes, this can be frustrating and challenging to companies who use Instagram as a platform for awareness, visibility, and customer acquisition. So, what can brands do? Check out these 5 content tips to increase your brand’s Instagram engagement today.

Look At Your Competitors

Gather a list of your competitors, between 5-10, and analyze their content. Go through each Instagram account and make note of how often they’re posting, when they’re posting, what type of content are they posting, and what engagement they’re seeing. Learn what is working best for them and see how you can translate that into your own Instagram content.

Create Ideas

Don’t copy what your competitors do, but use that as a jumping-off point to create new ideas of your own. For example, if you’re a beverage brand, are your competitors sharing recipes? Are they posting testimonials? If they’re seeing success doing some of these things, it might be a good idea for you to create new content around the same themes.

Analyze Past Content

Do you have a post or video that performed really well? It might be time to turn old ideas that worked great in the past and refresh and refine them for today. Look at your old content and try to come up with creative new ideas, but based on the same subject matter.

Engage, Engage, Engage

One of the best ways to increase eyes on your content is by actively engaging with your followers. Make sure you comment, like, and make the relationship a two-way friendship. Don’t be one-sided!

Stay Consistent

Don’t make any dramatic changes. As we mentioned, Instagram engagement is seeing a dip for everyone right now. Stay the course and be consistent. Continue to post. Use the tools available. And don’t give up!

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