3 Tips to Keep Your Writing Fresh

3 Tips to Keep Your Writing Fresh

The foundation of public relations and content creation is strong writing skills. Without knowing how to put together a sentence, you won’t get far in delivering quality content to your communities and/or media contacts. But often, PR pros and brand managers can struggle with writing about the same thing over and over again. Here are our top 3 tips to keep your writing fresh.

Ignore Past Writing

Perhaps you need to write a press release for an annual event or an email or social media post promoting an annual sale. Often you’ll grab what you wrote previously and tweak it or try to rewrite it using what was written before. Our advice? Don’t do it. Instead, start fresh. If you look at past examples of what you need to write, you’ll be stuck in the same thought process and the same cycle of writing. Facing a blank page may just help you keep your writing fresh and stimulate those creative juices again.

Lean On Your Co-Workers

If you’ve been writing for a client for a number of years, it make may sense to swap writing projects with a colleague. A fresh set of eyes and thinking can help get you out of your rut and give your content new legs. If you work for a smaller organization or you’re the only writer on the team, ask for outside help. Reach out to a fellow marketer and ask for input. How would they approach this? While they won’t be able to write it for you, their insight may help spur new ideas.

Take a Break

Even the best writers can get stuck! When this happens, it’s time to walk away. Close your computer and take a walk. Listen to music. Feed your creativity. Sometimes, revisiting the writing 24 hours later can make a world of difference.

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