3 Tips for Reviewing Your PR Strategy

reviewing your PR strategy

It’s that time of year again – time to take a look at your public relations strategies over the past year and evaluate and plan for the new year ahead. 2021 has surely been another unprecedented year, full of twists and turns, so now is the perfect time to start reviewing your PR strategy and come up with a new game plan for 2022.

Here are our top 3 tips to utilize when reviewing your PR strategy.

Recognize What’s Gone Well

Think about what has helped you get the word out. Where have your new clients or new orders come from? For example, if you ran an influencer campaign and saw all of your orders coming from that campaign, it makes sense to continue with this effort and possibly even expand it in the new year. If you saw new business come in from bylined articles in trade magazines – the same thing rings true. Plan to continue what efforts brought in new business and focus on those in 2022.

Be Critical of What Didn’t Work

Did you spend a lot of time and money on email marketing and no one responded to your emails? Perhaps you created content for a monthly newsletter, even went so far as to have videos produced. But did it pay off? Did you see a ROI? Perhaps the content was amazing, but that content remained unread or unseen. If so, it’s time to recognize the time and money wasted and think of new ways to either refresh your email marketing or significantly reduce the effort and budget allocated. Continuing to put resources into something that isn’t performing is a mistake and should be taken out of your PR strategy in 2022.

Plan for the Future

Think about your goals for 2022. By how much do you want to grow your business? Set realistic goals for the new year and map out a timeline of when you plan to meet each goal. Consider new ways of marketing the brand that you haven’t in the past. Perhaps a podcast, either starting your own or appearing on an established show like Hilary Topper on Air, is the right way to go in 2022.

Need Help?

Do you need help creating an integrated marketing plan for your brand in 2022? Downloading our FREE sample integrated marketing plan is a great way to start the process! Or better yet, reach out to us today or consider purchasing Hilary JM Topper’s book, Branding in a Digital World, to learn more and get your PR strategy ready for the new year ahead.