What’s New in Social Media…

I love learning about new social networking sites and apps and figuring out how to use them to target various demographics. In 2008, when there was a huge downturn in the economy, I spent the year looking at hundreds of social networking sites and figuring out their target market.  In 2009, I compiled the information […]

Craftsy – A New Online Hobby-Learning Platform

Just until you thought you could find anything on the Internet, Craftsy comes along and changes everything. Craftsy is an 18-month old, Denver-based service that teaches people skills they used to learn from adult-education classes or YouTube “How-To videos,” through a series of instructional videos. John Levisay, Josh Scott, Todd Tobin and Bret Hanna, who […]

Twitter’s New Vine App.

Yet another app that’s making a scene?  Vine was introduced by Twitter this week as a potential competitor to Instagram, except Vine aren’t still photos, they are micro videos that last six seconds. Vine is easy to use.  First download the app on your iPhone or your Android.  Then click on the app and it […]