Twitter & SEO

  Twitter and Google recently joined forces to allow tweets to appear on Google Desktop searches. This is a giant step for social media and Search Engine Optimization!   Now, when you type in any subject, tweets will appear in a “carousel” under the “In the news” section. From there, you can click on the […]

Demographics in Social Media

Access to large amounts of social media data has given many businesses an advantage in their marketing strategies. Social media demographics are one of the most important areas to analyze as companies look to gather information from consumers, potential customers, clients and ordinary people. What kind of data is available? Here are a few examples: […]

5 Tips on Using Google+

There are so many feasible social networking sites available for business owners today. Sometimes it’s hard to cut through the clutter and determine which site would be the right one to use for your business. Google+ has been around for a while now and has made headlines in most publications across the country.  In addition […]