Wearable On Air: Healthcare Can Benefit From Wearable Technology with Cathie Reid of APHS

Cathie Reid, Managing Partner, APHS Group and Founder, APHS Packaging joins Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc. in this episode of #WearableOnAir. APHS, one of Australia’s largest pharmacy service providers, and APHS Packaging, which delivers medication compliance packs to over 20,000 elderly Australians, is looking towards #wearabletech to meet the healthcare needs of […]

Like it or not, Wearables are Here to Stay

Look around you. Everyone seems to have a Fitbit, Jawbone, FuelBand or Sports Watch. You name it, and they’ve got it. According to the market research company, Statista, wearable tech devices encompass more than $10 million dollars of market share and that number keeps growing exponentially every year. It is predicted that the wearable technology […]

Most Wanted #WearableTech Revealed From Industry Expert Round up

This was a study conducted in the UK on Wearable Technology.  Robert Prime of Wearable.Co.UK interviewed 44 experts and this is his results. (Disclosure: Hilary was interviewed for this story and found it fascinating what other people said.) As the wearable technology industry evolves, the big question seems to be “What are the best wearable technology products?” With […]

Wearable On Air: Carbon Creator Sean Ebersold

Today’s guest on Wearable On Air is Sean Ebersold of Energy Bionics. Sean invented a new solar charger that you wear on your wrist. In this episode, watch as Sean demonstrates Carbon and talks about his new Kickstarter campaign, which can be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/875790568/carbon-wearable-solar-charger?ref=live Wearable On Air is a new show conceived by Hilary […]