Most Wanted #WearableTech Revealed From Industry Expert Round up

This was a study conducted in the UK on Wearable Technology.  Robert Prime of Wearable.Co.UK interviewed 44 experts and this is his results. (Disclosure: Hilary was interviewed for this story and found it fascinating what other people said.) As the wearable technology industry evolves, the big question seems to be “What are the best wearable technology products?” With […]

Glasslandia Thoughts on Oh My God

Did you watch episode 4, “Oh My God” of Glasslandia, the first ever Google Glass reality show, yet? If you didn’t get a chance, here’s the episode for your viewing pleasure! This week’s episode is pretty exciting. From Hilary’s crazy dream to Dan accepting the Marketing Associate position, you will be glued to the screen […]

Glasslandia Thoughts on String Cheese

If you haven’t watched the premiere episode, “String Cheese” of the first ever Google Glass Reality Show, Glasslandia, watch it below now!     Our reactions? Hilary “The CEO”: Filming Glasslandia was quite the experience! At first I liked the idea of a Google Glass reality show. I know reality TV is very popular. It’s actually something I […]