Why Blog?

Did you know that there are currently more than 164 million blogs on the Internet? Did you also know that more than 123 million people read blogs? If you are on the fence about whether you should start your own blog and these numbers don’t convince you, here are five other reasons why you should take the leap. […]

Five Tips on Using Business Cards

What should smart networkers do with all their business cards? Most of us go to networking events, meet new contacts, collect a handful of business cards, and think now what? How do you put these business cards to good use? Instead of throwing them in a desk drawer, follow these five tips: Research – Google […]

HJMT Update

We’ve been working very closely with our new integrated marketing software company to provide our clients with real time SEO, analytics and metrics on social media marketing. It’s been going great.  We have seen a significant increase in activity and our clients are getting leads every day! If you are interested in learning more about […]