ROI for Public Relations

Measuring ROI for Public Relations is a difficult, but essential task. It’s also not a one size fits all undertaking. Each campaign/company has to set its own metrics and benchmarks to analyze its PR efforts and value. According to a recent whitepaper by Cision, here are 9 things to consider when determining your Public Relations […]

Emojis and Marketing

Emojis have become an incredibly popular way to communicate with and amongst millennials. Even big brands have creatively incorporated them into their campaigns. (Just look at Dominos.)   The emoji brand Unicode will release 72 new icons this month. Eagerly anticipated on the list are food emojis like pancakes and avocado. New people emojis will […]

How to Formulate A Perfect Headline

Good Headline

How to Formulate A Perfect Headline Your headline or subject line in your emails are critical especially when it comes to grabbing the attention of a media contact or your target audience.  According to a recent article in PR Daily, eight out of ten people say they’ll read a headline but only two out of ten […]

Emojis in Marketing

Emojis in Marketing

Emojis- you either love or hate them. If you love them, you’ve probably used an emoji in an email or text message. Businesses and social media networks are picking up on this and have now begun to integrate these ideograms and smileys in campaigns and network platforms. The word emoji is actually a Japanese portmanteau […]

Rethinking Your Logo As A Brand

Rethinking Your Logo As A Brand

Traditionally, logos are used as a company’s primary visual identifier; a static representation of a business’s values and identity. As corporate branding has evolved, the logo still remains the first face of your company and represents you consistently across all platforms. However, branding and logos have taken on new life as the building blocks that […]

The History of Social Media

History of Social Media

Social media has become a vital part of every small and large business’ marketing plan. If you’re not online with a social presence, it may seem to some people that you don’t have a business at all. Brands have been connecting and engaging with potential and current customers since the inception of social networking sites. […]