HJMT Placement: Becker’s Hospital Review

Because larger urgent care facilities are looking for ways to grow their market share, manage costs, reduce overcrowded emergency rooms and create new revenue streams, smaller facilities are increasingly finding themselves to be takeover targets. Unfortunately the smaller urgent care facilities are finding themselves at a disadvantage in negotiating terms with larger enterprises with greater […]

HJMT Placement: Self Magazine

Incontinence is one of those medical issues we’d rather just not talk about. But millions of Americans suffer some form of urinary leakage. Women often experience incontinence from exercise, childbirth, menopause or pelvic surgery. In fact according to Urology Health, one in three women will experience incontinence in their lifetime. It’s especially a fact of […]

HJMT Placement: Fast Company

HJMT Placement: Fast Company  Justin E. Crawford, the founder of Agents of Efficiency, and author of the international best-selling book Live Free or DIY was featured on the Fast Company website. In an article, “4 Tips on Leading Teams of Freelancers,” he offered advice on motivating team members who work remotely, temporarily, or part-time.   Here […]

HJMT Placement: Shape Magazine

HJMT Placement: Shape Magazine  Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor, president of Advanced Urology Centers of New York was featured in the November 2015 issue of Shape Magazine. He was called on as an expert to discuss the causes and treatments for stress incontinence that women face.   Here is an excerpt from the article: Leaking when you lift […]

HJMT Placement: Newsday

HJMT Placement – Newsday Recently, we introduced Newsday reporter, Delthia Ricks, to our client at Advanced Urology Centers of New York (AUCNY). Dr. Kapoor, President of AUCNY, was used as an expert to comment about prostate cancer drugs and their possible link to dementia. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Dr. Deepak Kapoor, president of […]

HJMT Placement: Newsday

HJMT Placement: Newsday Randi Pincus is the Director of Marketing at Advanced Urology Centers of New York. Recently, she was awarded with a BRAVA Award from SmartCEO Magazine based on her company’s growth, community impact and mentoring abilities. When she shared her recent accomplishment with HJMT, we immediately notified local newspapers, including Newsday, to highlight her. Here’s […]