Working to Keep Long Island’s Children Safe

Hardly a day passes without some mention of bullying, cyberbullying, or child abuse in the media. There are organizations out there that are doing their best to combat this. Celebrating 35 years, Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS), has been working to keep Long Island’s children safe and offering prevention through education programs in schools across […]

How to Use the Galloway Method

Tune into this episode of Hilary Topper on Air as she talks with Jeff Galloway: U.S. Olympian, running coach and Official Training Consultant for runDisney.  If you are beginner runner, new marathoner, or a triathlete this episode is for you! Hilary met Jeff Galloway when she first started running nearly six years ago at a […]

National Marine Sanctuaries and Triathlons

Michelle Johnston is a research marine biologist who, as a child living in Marion,Ohio, was inspired by the ocean. She got her Scuba diving certification at the age of 14 and the rest, as they say, is history. After completing her degree from the University of North Carolina, where she rehabbed sick sea turtles, Michelle went on to […]