Tips on Raising Donations Through Social Networking Sites

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Tips on Raising Donations Through Social Networking Sites

Recently, our CEO, Hilary Topper, had the opportunity to present in front of nearly 50 non-profit executives at Philanthropy Day in November 2016. Her topic centered around tips on raising donations through social networking sites.


Here are the valuable tips she offered the attendees:

  • Brand Ambassadors — She talked about how to find them and how to cultivate them to build a base for non-profit organization’s donor base.
  • Use Facebook For Non-Profits — The event page will help give you a forum to collect donations and offer information about your organization.
  • Peer to Peer — Take a look at New York Road Runners or other organizations where they use runners or triathletes to help raise money, while providing race entries.
  • Instagram and Twitter Campaigns — There are multiple ways to raise money on instagram and twitter. These two social sites are currently the most viable sources in addition to Facebook.
  • Targeting Bloggers — Hilary also talked about targeting bloggers to get them to help you spread the word about your organization.  She said that since 46% of the people read blogs daily, it’s an untapped source for a non profit organization.
  • Podcasting – This is also an untapped market and can help you spread your message and help you raise funds. With more than 31.8 million listeners a month, it’s worth the effort to target these podcasters!

Hilary Topper speaks around the country about this and more.  She specifically discusses how corporations and non-profit organizations can implement programs on their own to become extremely successful. For more information on booking Hilary for your next speaking engagement, call 347-696-0220 or write to


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President & CEO

Hilary Topper is an award-winning public relations and social media expert. She is a 1st Generation Google Glass Explorer, an avid blogger and runner and President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations, Inc. Hilary is a new Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University. She teaches a class in Communications Technology for their Master’s program. Hilary received her Bachelor of Science degree from Hunter College and her Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College.

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