Learn How to Prevent Injuries

Dr. Marc Taczanowski, DC, DACBSP, CSCS is the co-founder of True Sport Care, the preeminent Sports Injury facility on Long Island. Dr. Marc talks about the difference between True Sport Care and other PT or Chiropractic offices around, his experience with the US Olympics, and how to listen to the body’s cues and implement permanent […]


What started as a joke, turned into a world record and also a valuable lesson in PR. You may have seen this tweet floating around the Twittersphere: Or maybe you saw this on the Ellen DeGeneres Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiGZgdFHSSc   It was announced recently that Carter Wilkerson’s tweet is officially the most retweeted post on Twitter. […]

HJMT Placement: Becker’s Hospital Review

Because larger urgent care facilities are looking for ways to grow their market share, manage costs, reduce overcrowded emergency rooms and create new revenue streams, smaller facilities are increasingly finding themselves to be takeover targets. Unfortunately the smaller urgent care facilities are finding themselves at a disadvantage in negotiating terms with larger enterprises with greater […]

HJMT Celebrates 25 Years!

We’ve come a long way since 1992, when I started the firm out of my one-bedroom apartment with a baby on my lap. In our 25 years, we have helped hundreds of companies get exposure, visibility and get the attention they need and deserve in newspapers, magazines, trade publications, blogs, television, radio, podcasts and online through social media. We […]

HJMT Placement: Self Magazine

Incontinence is one of those medical issues we’d rather just not talk about. But millions of Americans suffer some form of urinary leakage. Women often experience incontinence from exercise, childbirth, menopause or pelvic surgery. In fact according to Urology Health, one in three women will experience incontinence in their lifetime. It’s especially a fact of […]

Facebook Stories

Have you noticed something new at the top of your Facebook feed on your mobile phone? Facebook has introduced Facebook Stories, a new feature for Facebook but not new to the mobile web. In 2014, Snapchat introduced Snapchat Stories – compilations of images and video, strung together in a feed, rather than an individual message. […]